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Our learning activities

CU is all about helping you take part in fun learning experiences that you choose. Find out more about our learning providers and activities here.

Learning Activities

At Children's University Scotland there’s a very long list of learning activities you can get involved in. We're adding more all the time!

A range of learning providers offer unique, exciting, interactive learning activities. And each time you take part, you can collect a credit coin on Aspire.

Head to our Activity Search to find your next learning activity!


Search activities on Aspire

At home

free CU challenge sheets, online learning games, reading, practicing music or cooking food

At your school

weekly workshops, lunchtime clubs, after-school groups

Local venues

historic venues, libraries, community centres, sports centres, youth groups

One-off events and visits

visits to museums or science centres, open days, festivals, summer camps, special events

Find a learning activity near you

Use the Aspire site to search for activities


There are two ways to search for activities: 

  1. Use the Activity Search on Aspire.
  2. Download the Aspire app to your phone or tablet (or a carer's).





Suggest an activity

Is there an activity that you’d like to collect credits for, but that doesn’t appear in our activity search? We’d love to add it so you can collect credits for taking part. In order to set this up, please send the activity provider some information about Children’s University Scotland and ask them to sign up as a learning destination.


Want your learning provider to sign up, so we can promote the activity to other children? 


Send the club leader or instructor this link: 


Before we can add the activity to our list we we need to make sure that it takes place outside school lesson hours, is voluntary, free or low-cost, and provides a high-quality learning experience. Most importantly, it should be fun!

Want to know more?

Here’s some more information about learning activities and providers.

How do I know if I can collect credits at my activity?

There are ways you can tell:

1. They might have a Children’s University learning destination sticker or poster in their window, at their ticket desk or on their website to advertise that you can collect credits there. It looks like this:


2. Try searching for it on Aspire. If you can find it, you can collect credits there.


3. Email us at, and ask us if the venue is involved.

My activity isn’t on Aspire – can it be added so I can get a credit?

We try to include as many activities on the list as possible, but this is a big task - especially if you think about how many activities take place in one small part of Scotland!

If you take part in a fun educational activity outside school, but it doesn’t appear in our list, we'll do our best to make sure you can collect credits. This may be by adding the activity to Aspire, or it may be by you doing one of our free downloadable activity diaries or reflective activities.

In order to set this up, please send the activity provider some information about Children’s University Scotland and ask them to sign up as a learning destination.

You can do this by sending them this link - where they can find all the info they need and sign up online.

Alternatively, ask them to send us an email at, and we'll be happy to help them sign up.


How many activities should be used to gain an award?

There’s no limit to the number of activities you can do. They can all be different if you want.

If you do something regularly — like going to a swimming club — and you get really good at it, then that’s brilliant. Keep it up! We recommend you try to include at least 3 different types of learning in each award, to make sure you're getting the most from Children's University. Use the Aspire search to find different types of learning activity you can do at home, at school or close to home.

You need at least 30 CU Credits to gain an award - though we don't want you to stop there! You can keep collecting credits after your Bronze Undergraduate Award.

Keep going and see how many awards you can collect!

Want to gain a few extra credits? Why not try our seasonal challenges that contain lots of quick, fun learning activities you can do at home or on the go, any time your not in classes at school!

Click here to find the full list of downloadable activities.


What is the criteria to become a recognised CU learning provider?

All prospective learning providers and their activities are approved by a member of the Children's University Scotland team before being added to Aspire. We do this to make sure that any activity we promote to children on Aspire:

  • Offers activities to children aged between 5-14 on a voluntary basis, outside normal lesson time.
  • Hosts activities that will help children to learn and develop their skills.
  • Offers exciting, inspirational, enjoyable learning activities that can spark children's imaginations.
  • Provide a safe, secure environment for learning with properly trained staff.
  • Is low cost or free, so there is no barrier for children to take part.

Find out more about learning destinations here.

Can my parent or carer help to validate new activities for Children’s University?

Only trained Children's University staff and volunteers can complete the full process of validation for a new learning destination or activity. This is because we need to make sure we have a consistent approach, and that all our national requirements are met.

However, parents are very welcome to help with the first step of introducing new organisations and venues to Children's University Scotland, so that they could sign up to be a learning destination.

Parents or parents can do this by asking learning providers to register with us by following this link:


Here, learning providers can fill in some more information, which will help us decide if we can list their activities on Aspire.