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Free activity sheets

Fun activities that you can do in your spare time. Another way to collect CU credits!

Free activity sheets

We've put together some great learning activities for you to download and do in your spare time with your family and friends, as an extra way to help you collect credits for your Passport.

We'll be adding new activities to this page all the time, so watch this space!

Make Geometric 3D 'O-PiN' Models from paper!

The wonderful team at Articulate Cultural Trust has put together a fabulous new FREE activity for anyone to do at home! 

This is the second activity in a series of fun, creativity-themed activities that Articulate have produced for CU Scotland! Other activities will focus on different forms of creativity from contemporary art to photography. This challenge is inspired by the work of Glasgow based jewellery artists, O-PiN, these geometric paper sculptures can be made into necklaces, pins or kept as decorative ornaments. 

This challenge is all about making 3D paper models! Learn how to make your very own geometric paper models at home. They can be made into fantastic jewelry or decorations. This activity is recommended for ages 8 and up. Younger children might want to ask an adult or older sibling at home to help.

We'd love to see photos of your mesmerising 3D models!

You can reach us by:


Twitter: Tag us @ChildrenUniScot and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge 

Facebook: Tag us /ChildrensUniversityScotland and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge


Collecting your credits

If you’re a CU Scotland member, don’t forget to head to where you can collect 1 CU credit for taking part in this activity.


Merelles Board Game

Make a Merelles board game set and use all your cunning to beat your opponent!

The wonderful team at Historic Environment Scotland have put together a fabulous new FREE activity for anyone to do at home! This two-player game dates from at least the Roman times. We know merelles was played by monks in abbeys across Scotland more than 600 years ago.

This activity is open to all - and we'd love to see examples of your board game.

You can reach us by:


Twitter: Tag us @ChildrenUniScot and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge 

Facebook: Tag us /ChildrensUniversityScotland and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge

Collecting Credits

If you’re a CU Scotland member, don’t forget to head to where you can collect 1 CU credit for taking part in the Get Inspired Challenge.


The 2020 Summer Activity Challenge is LIVE!

Looking for some FREE activities to try at home? Our Summer Challenge is LIVE! Filled with ideas that can help you improve your skills, learn lots, help others and have fun along the way!

Download your copy now to find 15 fun, free challenges to spark your imagination and keep you busy. This challenge is all about exploring the nature on our doorsteps, keeping connected when we're spending more time at home and staying curious. 

Remember, you can take part in our seasonal challenges in the holidays and need to worry if you don't manage to do all the activities in one go!

You can keep going with the activities in breaks between lessons, evenings, weekends and during the summer holidays. The challenge will be available on Aspire until the Autumn Challenge is released in October.

Collecting your credits

Search 'Summer Challenge' in Aspire to find the full list of activities, or search the title of the activity you did (e.g. Make it Rhyme).

Collect one CU credit for each activity you complete. Why not gather some evidence as you go to remind yourself of all the amazing learning you've been doing?

Are you up for the challenge? Click to download our 2020 Summer Challenge now!


Psst...looking for even more fun, free activities to keep you busy? Head over to our Learning at Home webpage. We'll be posting a new challenge there every day, so keep your eyes peeled for lots more cool ideas! >


Let's Look At Sculpture

The wonderful team at Articulate Cultural Trust have put together a fabulous new FREE activity for anyone to do at home! This is the first in a series of fun activities that Articulate are producing for us. Other activities will focus on different forms of creativity from contemporary art to photography

This challenge is all about sculpture! Learn how to make your very own 3D sculpture using materials you find at home. This activity is open to all - and we'd love to see photos of your special designs.

You can reach us by:


Twitter: Tag us @ChildrenUniScot and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge 

Facebook: Tag us /ChildrensUniversityScotland and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge

Collecting Credits

If you’re a CU Scotland member, don’t forget to head to where you can collect 1 CU credit for taking part in the Get Inspired Challenge.


Get Inspired

Celebrate someone who inspires you with our FREE downloadable challenge!

Think of someone you find inspirational. It could be someone who has achieved big things in science, sport or politics. Maybe it’s someone who runs a business or charity, big or small. It could be someone famous, or someone you know, like a teacher, family member or neighbour.

Now you’ve chosen your inspirational person, use this worksheet to write a bit about them.

This activity is open to all - and we'd love to see your letters! Please ask an adult to get in touch with us. 

You can reach us by:


Twitter: Tag us @ChildrenUniScot and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge

Facebook: Tag us /ChildrensUniversityScotland and use the hashtag #CUSChallenge

If you’re a CU Scotland member, don’t forget to head to where you can collect 1 CU credit for taking part in the Get Inspired Challenge.


Try our Get Active Diary!

Why not try our brand new Get Active Diary, and collect some CU credits along the way?

The Get Active Diary is all about setting goals about physical activity, and logging your progress to help you learn more and stay motivated along the way.

No matter how you like to get active, or what level you're at - you can take part! Here are just a few activities you could record with the Get Active Diary:

  • Training for a walk, jog or cycle.
  • Working towards a goal in swimming. Maybe you want to learn a new stroke, get more lengths or swim faster.
  • Taking part in a team sport. Sign up to something new, or pick something you want to improve on in a sport you already play.
  • Dance. Maybe you take classes, or are learning at home from a video.
  • Fitness classes or videos

Or maybe you want to do something completely different? As long as it's a physical activity and you've set yourself a goal, you can use the Get Active Diary!


How to use the Get Active Diary

1. Download and print the diary. You can do this at school, at the local library at home. Hint: if you need help printing your diary, ask a teacher or librarian.

2. Take part in your chosen activity or activities!

3. Fill in one page a week. Don't forget to set your goal for next week! Need help? Ask a teacher, parent / carer or activity leader.

4. Search 'Get Active Diary' on Aspire and collect one CU credit for each week you fill in the diary. 


Are you up for the Get Active Diary challenge? Ready, set...go!





Book Review Challenge!

Reading is a fun way to learn new things and spark your imagination. Now you can collect a CU credit for reading and reviewing a book of your choice.

To get involved, pick a book, comic or audio book to read or listen to, and write a review that explains what your chosen book is all about, how it made you feel and whether you’d recommend it to others (and why or why not)

Remember to use lots of colourful descriptions. Think carefully about how the review might encourage your reader to pick up this book themselves.

If you’re not sure how to start, you can find examples of book reviews on the Scottish Book Trust website.

Hint: If you’re stuck, imagine you’re talking to your best friend. What would you tell them about this book?


Need some help?

You can write your review about a fiction or nonfiction book, comic or audio book. If you need help choosing what to write your review about, head to your local library and ask the librarian to help you find something you'll enjoy!


We'd love to see your reviews!

If you'd like to share your review with us, ask a teacher or parent to help. They can send a copy of your to review:

By email:

By post: Children's University Scotland, 44 King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AY


Explorer Challenge

Children's University Explorer Challenge!

Have you explored somewhere new outside school time? Did you take part in some fun activities while you were on holiday from school? 

Complete the Explorer Challenge to share your story about what you learned, and you can collect a Children’s University credit for your Explorer review!

Just complete the activity sheet, and then bring it in to school to show your teacher. They'll be able to sign your Passport, and then you can claim the credit on Aspire.

(Pssst... if you think the activity you took part in should be on Aspire in its own right, then please send the activity provider this link to invite them to register!)



Film review template

We worked with our friends at Into Film to create this FREE worksheet, to help you write your own film review.

You can collect a credit in Aspire for reviewing a film. Use this template to help guide your review.

We'd love to see your reviews! You can share them with us on social media, by emailing us or by post!


Post: Children's University Scotland, 44 King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AY

Remember to ask an adult before you send us your review. 





Glasgow Summer Challenge

The wonderful team at Glasgow CU have put together a fabulous Summer Activity Challenge for all the Glasgow schools!

Download this activity to get involved with five fun, free activities. You can do these activities at home over the holidays, and write them down in your Passport.

Once your teacher has signed your Passport at the start of next school year (they might ask for some evidence that you took part), you can add the activities onto Aspire or the e-Passport to collect your credits.

There are five credits up for grabs for anyone who completes all five activities!

And a bonus - there's a great wordsearch thrown in at the end too. Good luck!

(PS Don't attend a school in Glasgow? Feel free to take part anyway!)


Digital Learning Challenge

Did you know it's Digital Learning Week from 13th - 17th May 2019!

Try our digital learning challenge activities outside lesson time - this could be at break times, weekends, holidays, before or after school.
Check off the challenges as you go.




Music Challenge

We have a challenge for all you musical maestros! Whether you love playing an instrument in lessons or learning at home, if you're a singer or a movie music fan - there's an activity for you in our Music Challenge!


There are 9 music-themed activities to choose from - you can collect a credit on Aspire for each activity you complete! Try your hand at learning a piece of music off by heart, re-writing the soundtrack to your favourite film or proudly perform your musical piece. 


Want to show off what you've been working on for the music challenge? We'd love to hear about which activities you've enjoyed - you can share with us on social media or email. We might even make you famous on our website and social media channels - where your story might inspire other CU members who love music just as much as you!


Tweet us: @ChildrenUniScot, send us a message on Facebook: ChildrensUniversityScotland or email us at


Children's University Music Diary

Do you love to play music? Are you learning to play an instrument at weekly lessons or using videos at home? You can collect Children's University Scotland credits for practising at home with our Children's University Music Diary!

How to use the diary

First, click 'Download' or the picture to download a copy of the diary, and print off the diary. Each week, pick two of the starter questions from page 1 to answer. If you're stuck or aren't sure what to write - you can always speak to your music teacher or someone at home about your practice. Fill in a goal at the start of each week, and check off at the end of the week if you've achieved it (or not yet). We've made an example diary to help you if you're not sure what to do, download it here.

Collecting your credit

You can collect a credit each week you fill in the diary. So, once you've filled in a week in the diary, log onto and search for 'Children's University Music Diary'. Omce you've completed all the weeks in a diary, you can print another one and start again from week 1.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear about how you're enjoying the music diary - why not email us at and let us know? You can also share with us on Facebook (search: Children's University Scotland), or Twitter (@ChildrenUniScot).



International Women's Day 2019 Challenge

Celebrate International Women's Day 2019 with our FREE downloadable challenge!

We challenge you to write a letter to a woman or girl who is a strong role model in your life.

It could be someone who's famous, someone you know like a teacher, friend or family member, or even a fictional character.

We want you to think about your aspirations and goals and share these with your inspirational woman in the letter. If she's someone you know, why not share your letter with her and let her know she inspires you!

This activity is open to all - and we'd love to see your letters! Share your letter with us by email at, Twiteer: @ChildrenUniScot or Facebook: /ChildrensUniversityScotland.

You can also post them to Children's University Scotland, 21 Castle Street (2nd Floor), Edinburgh, EH2 3DN. We might even make you famous on our website and social media channels!

Click the picture to download your challenge now - and don't forget to log your credit on Aspire once you've finished your letter! 

Happy International Women's Day!


Free worksheet: Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Collect a credit for doing 3 Random Acts of Kindness!

Lots of you took part in our Random Acts of Kindness activity in our Autumn and Spring activity challenges, we were so impressed with your stories of kindness we decided to make it an activity of its own.

All you need to do is do 3 acts of kindness and tell us about them in the spaces in the worksheet, then show your teacher your completed sheet to get your Passport signed or stamped. Once you've completed three acts of kindness, collect a credit on Aspire or the E-Passport

Not sure what to do? There are some ideas on the worksheet, and you can find lots more at:

Did you know - doing kind acts can help you get healthier and happier? Be sure to check out page 2 of the worksheet where you can find out all about the benefits of kindness.

Click the image to download the challenge sheet now!



Become a Link to the Wild Champion

Calling all budding conservationists: we need your help!  

Blair Drummond Safari Park's Link to the Wild programme supports hands-on conservation projects around the globe, from the UK to Uganda, and helps to protect some of the world's most threatened wildlife.

One of the most important parts of conservation is to raise awareness about the threats faced by animals, and that’s where you come in. We need you to make a special poster to spread the word about Link to the Wild and the important projects involved. By letting others know what threatens these animals, and what we can do to help, you can be part of important work that aims to ensure that precious species like Chimpanzee, Rhino, and Red Squirrel will be around for years to come.

Are you ready to become a Link to the Wild Champion?


Children's University Reading Challenge

The First Minister's Reading Challenge is an exciting new initiative for P4 - P7 children. The challenge aims to help children across Scotland catch the reading bug for life!

Here at Children's University Scotland, we have been working with the First Minister's Reading Challenge and the Scottish Book Trust to make our very own Children's University Reading Challenge!

Passport Holders can collect a total of 9 credits - one for each challenge. Each reading-themed activity will help bring your favourite books to life: from reading aloud to your friends, to writing your alternative ending, and delving into your next book in weird and wonderful places.

If you complete all 9 challenges you will win a special CU prize! And why not bring all of your entries together to enter the Pupil Reading Journey Challenge? (Ask your teacher for more info.)

Click 'Download' to find out more and get started on your very own reading journey!


Count Me In Activity Challenge

We challenge you to have fun with maths!

Who thought maths couldn’t be fun? We’ve partnered with Clydesdale Bank’s Count Me In programme to show you that it really can be.

You’ll get involved in fun games, activity sheets and stories whilst you learn and develop your maths skills. You can get involved in two ways: be a learner yourself as you practise and boost your confidence, or be a helper by spending time with your younger siblings or friends and helping them improve their skills. Whichever way you take part, you can collect one credit in your Passport to Learning!

Whilst having fun, you’ll learn about numbers, counting, shapes and measurements. Number chums, Monkey’s birthday and the activity sheets are waiting for you to download them.

To get started, Download our Count Me In Challenge and head to Clydesdale Bank’s website to the Count Me In web pages. To collect your CU credit, show the completed sheet to your teacher, or ask them to stamp your Passport.


Our Future Energy

Are you a STEM whiz looking for a science themed challenge? Do you care about the environment and doing all we can to protect it? Have you ever wondered how we overcome challenges to meet our energy needs?

Our Future Energy has teamed up with Children's University Scotland to make an activity just for you. Using Our Future Energy's amazing website, you can complete fun activities that will help you understand the challenges we face, and what scientists and engineers are doing to overcome them. Once you have completed your activities, show the completed sheet to your teacher and ask them to stamp or sign your Passport, and you can collect a CU credit.

OurFuture.Energy gives you a place to find unbiased, relevant and fascinating information about the energy industry. Through games, quizzes, animations, videos, and a whole bunch of stories, you’ll be able to understand energy in a way that makes sense to you.

Download our activity and head to the OurFuture.Energy website to get started!

(Teachers: click here to find guidance and answers.)


Quiz-a-Whiz with the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Quiz a Whiz and collect a credit with this downloadable YouTube activity! 

Ever wondered what jobs robots will perform in the future? Which one of our daily habits is most dangerous for our health? What can we do to create a world without poverty? How long did it take Stampy Cat to build the 'Pick A Pet' pet shop? All these questions, and more, are answered in the Quiz-a-Whiz YouTube clips.

Quiz-a-Whiz is the Royal Society of Edinburgh's exciting YouTube series. The idea is really simple: children across Scotland submit questions to an expert (the 'whiz'), the whiz films their answer, and the RSE uploads both the questions and the answers onto YouTube. The RSE whizzes include Nobel Laureates, bestselling authors, famous painters, TV personalities and world-leading scientists.

Watch four Quiz-a-Whiz video clips and complete our Quiz-a-Whiz activity sheet to take part. Bring your completed sheet into school to collect a credit in your Passport.

Download our activity sheet and head to the Quiz-a-Whiz YouTube channel to get started!


Young Reporters Scotland

Fancy having a go at being a photographer, film-maker or journalist? Do you care about the environment? Become a Young Reporter for Scotland and make your voice heard!

Young Reporters Scotland is your chance to raise awareness of the environmental issues that matter to you. Whether highlighting a problem or celebrating a success, have your say on what’s happening in your area. Write an article, take photographs or make a video to share your views with others.

When you send in your report to Young reporters Scotland, don't forget to mention that you are a CU Passport Holder so we can make sure you receive your Passport stamp.

Need some inspiration or have some questions? There's loads of helpful info on the Keep Scotland Beautiful website.


Share your completed challenges

Share your work


Don't forget to share your completed challenges with our online community! This will keep us all connected and help others to be inspired by the challenges you have completed at home.

You can submit your challenge entry in the following ways. Make sure you ask an adult for help, and please include your name and age if you are happy to do so.