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Random Acts of Kindness

This autumn, Children's University Scotland members were challenged to undertake random acts of kindness as part of this year's Autumn Challenge. We spoke to one of our members to find out what they learned, and why we should all take part in more acts of kindness.

We spoke to Archie age 9, from Woodburn Primary School to find out about the random act of kindness he took part in for the challenge. Archie has been a member of QMU Children's University for two years, and has tried lots of new things since joining - from hockey, to being a dementia friend, to film making.

For the Random Act of Kindness challenge, Archie brought friends, neighbors and members of the community together to raise a fantastic £120 to buy food and supplies to support a local food bank. 

Archie has always enjoyed taking part in Children's University challenges and he jumped at the chance to help out his local community with kind actions.

"I think they are great there are a lot of different kinds of challenges that can inspire children to learn."

"Kind actions are important because not everyone is as lucky as I am and I feel sad thinking that people are missing out on things like food and toys."


Above: Archie raised money by organising a charity coin collection from friends and neighbors, and received a voucher from Semi Chem for a local food bank.



Archie was inspired by a project at his school to support a local food bank for the Random Acts of Kindness challenge. He was delighted to receive so much support, and received a donation from Semi Chem to support his efforts. The Edinburgh Evening News featured Archie and his family in an article as a result.

"At school we do a collection of food that goes to the local community in the autumn and I though people might be finding it hard to buy food when its so close to Christmas."

"I was really shocked when semi chem gave us a voucher and though it was really kind of them and I was really happy when I spoke to the reporter which was very nice it was strange seeing my picture in the paper."


Above: Archie brought family and friends together to help the local community.


Archie learned a lot from his experience, and was encouraged by the kindness shown by members of the community to do something similar in future.

"I have learned that its good to be nice and kind especially to people who don't have much i feel very proud of myself but pleased to have been able to help someone."

"I think is a great thing and people were really kind in giving me coins, I'd definitely like to do it again."

Archie's efforts were a great example of showing kindness, compassion and getting involved to help his local community. You can read the Edinburgh Evening News article here:

We love to hear about what our members have been doing - did you take part in the random act of kindness? Have you thought of a creative or enterprising way to help others like Archie did? Get in touch and let us know, we'd love to share your story with our members on our website and social media! Email us at

Well done to Archie, and to all our members who took part in the random acts of kindness challenge!