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Supporting our children to learn and thrive

We've all had moments in our education that have made us feel positive about ourselves and what we can achieve. For a child, it could be a spark of inspiration that ignites a long-term hobby, some positive feedback that boosts a child's self-esteem, or a chance to try something new and exciting for the very first time. These moments, however small they may seem, play a huge role in shaping a child's confidence and aspirations - and they don't just happen inside the classroom.

The learning that takes place away from school plays a huge role in every child’s development. That’s why Children's University is all about capturing and celebrating learning outside the classroom.

How does Children's University Scotland work?

We provide a way to recognise and celebrate learning that takes place outside the classroom.

We give children aged 5-14 a Passport to Learning. They use this to collect credits for taking part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These could be in school (but before or after normal lessons), or outside school at evenings, weekends and during holidays. The children decide what activities they would like to collect credits for based on what they enjoy doing – and often they don’t need to do anything new. There is no pressure to collect credits, and there are no exams.

When children collect enough credits they gain certificates and awards, presented at a Children's University graduation at one of our local centres.

Children's University connects the dots between school, family and community learning.

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Can my child join?

Children can only become members through their school, and the school must be signed up to Children’s University first. We have a number of local Children's University centres across Scotland, and they work with the schools in their area.

See our centres here.


If we have a local centre in your area, but your child's school is not yet a member of the centre, you could approach the school to explore the possibility of them becoming involved.

In the meantime, you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page, or follow us on twitter to keep up to date with developments in your area.

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Children’s University has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for children and families to experience a rich and diverse selection of activities together - inside and outside school.

Sarah Wong

Deputy Head Teacher

How can I support my child's learning?

If your child already has a Passport to Learning, head to our Passport Holders area to find out about supporting your child on their learning journey.

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Engaging with the Children’s University has been great for my child. He has tried out lots of new activities, and really enjoys collecting and adding the points on his Passport and online on the e-Passport. It is great that he gets points for the things he does regularly like football training and badminton. It has been great for his self-esteem and confidence. He is very proud of the points he has collected so far and is really looking forward to collecting more, and we are all looking forward to his graduation and to coming to the University.


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If you'd like your child's school to work with us, help by telling the school staff about us

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If your child is already involved, you can help by suggesting new activities

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We rely on the support of parents to help children to collect their credits outside school

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